About us

It can be tough out there sometimes, but our magical Rocaberti Writers’ Retreats, where deals get made, films are produced and the networking lasts for a lifetime, offer a more supportive and collaborative way to get your novel or screenplay onto the big screen!

Our incredibly popular retreats are residential, all-inclusive events held in medieval 14th century castles in France, Spain and Italy. We purposefully keep the numbers small (a maximum of 16 writers per retreat, individually paired with each of the 4 industry mentors) to ensure exclusive, personalized attention for your project.

Our top Hollywood and film industry mentors include Oscar-winning writers, film producers, Hollywood agents, and top studio executives who have worked with Paramount, Disney, NBC, The Gersh Agency and 20th Century Fox, to name but a few.

Attending a Rocaberti Retreat immediately makes you part of a supportive network that’s ongoing.

As Samuel Daram, winner of the second Rocaberti scholarship puts it:
“The Rocaberti Retreat isn’t just for five days… it’s for life.”

Attending a Rocaberti Retreat also offers a real chance of landing a deal for your project:

In the first six months of 2019 alone, eight writers have their scripts being championed by their mentors and have been introduced to presidents of production companies, top Hollywood agents and literary managers and another two projects are in development with the mentors themselves!

The impossible does happen, and it happens at Rocaberti!