The Rocaberti Writers' Retreat

The Rocaberti Salon

Connecting Writers From All Over The World


Welcome to The Rocaberti Salon - an exciting new opportunity for writers to be proactive in getting their projects made!

The Rocaberti Salon is an exclusive members' club, designed to provide writers with contacts, networking tools and professional know-how.


Each Rocaberti Salon member enjoys:

Monthly virtual Salon meetings 

The aim of the Salon meetings is to connect Salon members, in an exclusive, intimate network where they can ‘pool their resources’ and connections with each other in order to help each individual writer further along the road of getting their project(s) made.

Each Rocaberti Salon member is invited to attend 12 virtual Salon meetings per year, of 4 hours in length each, consisting of just 8 carefully-chosen writers and a host.

Prior to each meeting, each writer is asked to send in a logline and synopsis of their project, as well as what they hope to gain from the Salon. During the Salon meeting - and guided by the host - at least 25 minutes are devoted to brainstorming each writer’s project, mining the ideas and connections of everyone present and also to reviewing log-lines, query letters and pitch decks.

4 of these meetings will be attended by 2 mentors, who will go through the members' projects and give their feedback. Each Salon member will be assigned a mentor, will previously send in a 1,000-word synopsis of his or her project, and the mentor will spend 25 minutes at the meeting with each member.

The Rocaberti Salon Members' Directory

The Salon includes a directory of members, with their names and photos, along with a short bio and a brief synopsis of their projects.

The Rocaberti Salon Noticeboard

All Salon members have access to the Rocaberti Salon Noticeboard and are able to contribute and offer ideas and suggestions on moving their fellow writers’ projects forward.

Video presentations and Q&A sessions

Members have access, through the Rocaberti Salon members’ atrea, to video presentations by Rocaberti mentors, previously recorded for Rocaberti Virtual, on topics related to screenwriting and the film & TV industry, and to Q&A sessions, pre-recorded between mentors and the host.


We'll be adding a variety of new services and benefits for Salon members on an ongoing basis, all with the aim of helping writers to be proactive in getting their projects made!


How to join The Rocaberti Salon


  • Monthly membership for € 97 / month.
  • Annual membership for € 997 / year.


Both plans include:

  • Access to monthly virtual Salon meetings
  • Access to Q&A video recordings with a Rocaberti mentor
  • Mentors' presentations
  • Part of a larger network
  • The Rocaberti Salon Members' Directory
  • The Rocaberti Salon Noticeboard
The Rocaberti Salon is currently sold-out. If you'd like to be added to the waiting list, please contact [email protected] in order to arrange a Zoom call* to discuss your project.
*N.B. Please do NOT sign up or make any payments before this call.

Once you’ve signed up, please keep an eye out for an email from [email protected] which will detail the next steps. (Please check your spam folder, just in case!)