The Rocaberti Writers' Retreat

The Rocaberti Salon

Connecting Writers From All Over The World


The Rocaberti Salon

Connecting Writers From All Over The World

Welcome to the Rocaberti Salon - we’re delighted to announce this exciting new opportunity for writers to be proactive in getting their projects made!

The Rocaberti Salon is an exclusive members' club, designed to provide writers with contacts, networking tools and professional know-how.


Each Rocaberti Salon member enjoys:

Twice-yearly virtual Salon meetings 

The aim of the Salon meetings is to connect Salon members, in an exclusive, intimate network where they can ‘pool their resources’ and connections with each other in order to help each individual writer further along the road of getting their project(s) made.

Each Rocaberti Salon member is invited to attend two virtual Salon meetings per year, of 4 hours in length each, consisting of just 8 carefully-chosen writers and one Rocaberti host mentor.

Prior to each meeting, each writer is asked to send in a log-line and synopsis of their project, as well as what they hope to gain from the Salon.

During the Salon meeting - and guided by the host - at least 30 minutes are devoted to brainstorming each writer’s project, mining the ideas and connections of everyone present and also to reviewing log-lines, query letters and pitch decks.

Being part of a larger network

Afterwards, each Salon meeting host posts an update on the status of each writer's project to the Salon Noticeboard, to which all Salon members have access and are able to contribute ideas and suggestions on moving their fellow writers’ projects forward.

In addition, the Salon’s mentors all meet regularly to brainstorm with each other on how best to help move each individual writer’s project forward.

Monthly Ask Me a Question video recordings with a Rocaberti mentor

Salon members are invited to send in their questions to a different Rocaberti mentor each month.

These Q&A sessions (pre-recorded between the mentor and host) are then made available to members through the Rocaberti Salon members’ area, six weeks prior to being made available publicly.

Mentors' presentations

Rocaberti Salon members also receive, on a monthly basis, up to three 20-minute video presentations by Rocaberti mentors, previously recorded for Rocaberti Virtual, on topics related to screenwriting and the film & TV industry.

In addition, members have unlimited access to the full Rocaberti Library of Mentors' Presentations.

The Rocaberti Salon Members' Directory

The Salon includes a directory of members, with their names and photos, along with a short bio and a brief synopsis of their projects.

The Rocaberti Salon Noticeboard (coming soon)

The Rocaberti Salon Noticeboard is where the Salon's hosts post updates on the current status of each writer's project after every Salon meeting.

All Salon members also have access to the Noticeboard and are able to contribute and offer ideas and suggestions on moving their fellow writers’ projects forward.


We'll be adding a variety of new services and benefits for Salon members on an ongoing basis, all with the aim of helping writers to be proactive in getting their projects made!


The Rocaberti Salon launches on January 23rd, 2021!


Jan 23rd, 2021

  • Full access to the Rocaberti Salon members’ area, which includes your first 3 mentors’ presentations.
  • Celebratory Introductory Zoom Meeting:

During this Zoom meeting, (hosted by Rocaberti founder and director, Claire Elizabeth Terry), the very first Ask Me A Question session* will also take place, with a surprise mentor!

*This will be the only time these sessions will be live, so be sure to have your questions ready on all aspects of how to get your project made!

During the meeting, we'll also announce the dates of your first Salon meeting which will take place during February 2021. (Dates are dependent on matching you with the best group - and host mentor - for your individual project.)

Don’t forget to have a glass of your favourite beverage - coffee, tea or bubbly, depending on where you live in the world - on hand to celebrate, as well!!



How to join The Rocaberti Salon


  • Monthly membership for € 97 / month.
  • Annual membership for € 997 / year.
  • Lifetime membership as a Founding Member for a one-time fee of € 1,997.

Early-bird discount of 5%, for all registrations before December 23rd 2020.


Every plan includes:

  • Access to twice-yearly virtual Salon meetings
  • Monthly Ask Me a Question video recordings with a Rocaberti mentor
  • Mentors' presentations
  • Part of a larger network
  • The Rocaberti Salon Members' Directory
  • The Rocaberti Salon Noticeboard (coming soon)

Founding members (Lifetime Membership)

Exclusive benefits for Founding Members include:

  • One-time payment for Lifetime Membership.
  • 5% discount off all retreats at the castles for life.
  • 5% discount of all Rocaberti Virtual retreats for life.
  • Free Level 1 spots per year, at two Rocaberti Virtual retreats for the first 2 years. (Total: four complimentary Level 1 spots, during the course of two years.)

Once you’ve signed up, please keep an eye out for an email from [email protected] which will detail the next steps. (Check your spam folder, just in case!)