Hall of Fame

Welcome to our Rocaberti Writers’ Hall of Fame! This page is designed to celebrate Rocabertians’ (all those who’ve attended a retreat) successes - and also to inspire and encourage other writers!

If you’d like to share your success stories with us: awards, projects in development, representation found - then please contact [email protected].

Christine Williams


Hewad is an irrepressible kid hustling everything from pomegranate juice to protection from the evil eye in the streets of Tehran. His real ambition is to be a movie star, and this comes a step closer when he meets an Australian photographer.

Australia’s Official Selection, Academy Awards 2022

DeAnn SanVal


When life deals you a shit hand, grow a garden.

2nd Rounder, Austin Film Festival 2021 (out of 15,000 submissions, THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN is noted amongst the top 20% in the Comedy division)

Quarterfinalist, STAGE 32 Comedy Pilot Contest 2021

Quarterfinalist, Shore Script Comedy Pilot Contest 2021

Quarterfinalist, Screencraft 2022

Gregor Nicholas


Forced to choose between the career he craves and the father who abandoned him, a Kiwi film director wreaks havoc on his personal and professional life as he pursues a project with a Hollywood legend.

Runner-up, Best Unproduced Screenplay, 29th Raindance Film Festival

Semi-finalist, Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards

Semi-finalist, Blue Cat Screenwriting Competition

Quarterfinalist, Industrial Scripts Titan Awards

Quarterfinalist, Page International Screenwriting Awards

Quarterfinalist, Miami Screenplay Awards 2021

Joshua Young


A diverse group of cruise ship employees from around the world must battle each other’s idiosyncrasies, guests who’ve abandoned common sense on land, and crazy celebrities, all the while trying to make this the vacation of a lifetime for everyone else.

Quarterfinalist, The Script Lab - TSL Screenplay Contest 2021

Semi-finalist, Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards Season 6

Finalist, Screencraft Virtual Pitch 2020

Quarterfinalist, Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2020

Semi-finalist, Filmmatic - Pitch Now Screenplay Competition 2020

Official Selection, Rocaberti Retreat Logline Competition 2019

Official Selection, Toronto Cold Read Series 2019


When three lazy best friends (two British and one American) discover they’ve won the lottery, they’re forced to embark on a perilous journey across the state to claim their winning ticket, all the while being hunted by the most cunning creatures on the planet: their mothers.

Quarterfinalist, Screencraft Feature Competition 2021

Linda Caryn Jenkins


In 17th century London, a hedonistic actor plans to hoodwink a wealthy man out of his fortune by masquerading as a woman but finds love getting in the way.

Semi-finalist, The Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2013

Semi-finalist, The Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2015

Semi-finalist, The Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2016

Quarterfinalist, The Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2017

Finalist, Final Draft Big Break 2019

Semi-finalist, The Script Lab Free Screenplay Contest 2021


A once brilliant surgeon suffers from agoraphobia, triggered by the death of his wife.

Quarterfinalist, Final Draft Big Break 2017

Mark Dispenza


A hardened small-time criminal without prospects helps kidnap two small children for a ransom and discovers that he’s the only person who can protect them from their abusive stepfather.

Semi-finalist, Atlanta Screenplay Awards 2021

Finalist (Best Feature Script), Beyond the Curve International Film Festival 2021

Semi-finalist, NYC Screenplay Awards 2021

Honorable Mention, Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards 2021

Semi-finalist, Stage 32 Feature Drama Screenwriting Contest 2021

Finalist (Feature Screenplay), San Francisco Indie Fest 2022

Third Place, Hot Springs Screenplay Competition 2022


A young boy in backwoods Louisiana tries to stop his mother’s drinking, only to discover that he is the legacy of an even greater horror.

Winner (Best Short Script), Beyond the Curve International Film Festival 2021

Quarterfinalist, Creative World Awards 2021

Finalist (Short Script), GenreBlast Film Festival 2021

Semi-finalist, Hollywood Just4Shorts Film & Screenplay Competition 2021

Best Short Horror Script, International Indie Gathering 2021

Quarterfinalist, Raindance Script Competition 2021

Honorable Mention, Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards 2021

Best Short Script, Siren Screenwriting Festival 2021

Best Horror Short Script, Summer in the South 2021

Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay Short Script Screenwriting Contest 2021

Semi-finalist (Short Screenplay Competition), San Francisco Indie Fest 2022

Mary Wiebe


A ‘hidden in plain sight’ German-Jewish scientist finds that even working for Hitler cannot save his family from the horrors of war, or the machinations of the enemies of his own making – himself and his best friend.

Quarterfinalist, Stage 32 Drama Screenwriting Contest

Natalia Alyukova


Four hundred years ago, a young woman took revenge on her rapist in oils and became one of the most successful painters of her time.

Finalist, The Golden List 2021 (The Golden Script Competition)

Semi-finalist, Screencraft Fellowship 2020

Found representation with Dench Arnold Agency, London as a result of her mentor from the retreat recommending her.

Nick Zabierek


When a man, down on his luck, discovers he’s going to die within a week after purchasing a writing software that generates stories about his past, present, and future, he vows to do anything to avoid an early demise.

Quarter-finalist, Scriptation Showcase Script Competition 2021 for Best Drama 2021

MEOW (Animation)

When a reluctant cat-sitter switches bodies with the cat she hates the most, they are separated and set out on epic journeys to get their bodies back and mend their bond.

Quarter-finalist, Page Awards for Best Family Feature 2021

Quarter-finalist, Stage 32 Family-Friendly Screenwriting Contest 2022

Ron Modro


After 65 years, a Holocaust survivor, stripped of his identity at the age of 10, searches for proof of his existence and must come to terms with memories of violence and rape at the hands of the Nazis and their collaborators. (Inspired by a True Story)

Quarterfinalist, Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship 2021

Quarterfinalist, Stage 32 Feature Drama Screenwriting Contest 2021


A teenage French Girl falls in love with a Nazi officer during the WWII occupation of Paris. When she becomes pregnant, her entire world is turned upside-down. (Based on a True Story)

Best Teleplay, New Hope Film Festival and Screenplay Contest 2021

Semi-finalist, Filmmatic TV Pilot Awards 2021


An ambitious, married Pittsburgh politico sees his dreams of becoming City Councilman threatened when a mentally unstable former male lover moves into the same neighborhood with the sole purpose of outing the darkest secrets of his past and destroying his life and reputation completely, all while the man’s multiple personalities infiltrate the community in the guise of characters no one would ever suspect.

Quarterfinalist, Stage 32 Diversity Springboard 2021