Hall of Fame

Welcome to our Rocaberti Writers’ Hall of Fame! This page is designed to celebrate Rocabertians’ (all those who’ve attended a retreat) successes - and also to inspire and encourage other writers!

If you’d like to share your success stories with us: - awards, projects in development, representation found - then please contact [email protected]

Candace Lee Egan


Second Set

A tennis-loving grandmother takes her second chance to play community college tennis to thwart her spiteful ex-sister-in-law, the athletic director, from eliminating the women’s team.

Best Comedy Teleplay, Portland Comedy Film Festival, 2023.

Winner, Stowe Story Labs 2023

Best Television Comedy Screenplay, Golden State Film Festival 2023

Semi-finalist, Mad Wife Productions Fellowship 2023

Semi-finalist, Scriptmatix Fellowship 2023

Semi-finalist, Cinequest 2023-24

Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft TV Pilot Competition 2024

Semi-finalist, Scriptmatix Pilot Season 2024

Finalist Comedy TV Pilot, LA International Script Competition 2024

Winner Best Female Screenwriter, Los Angeles CineFest 2024

Winner Best Short Screenplay, California Women’s Film Festival Winter 2024

Desert Belles

A stubborn veteran off-road racer is determined to preserve her father’s legacy by competing in a grueling eight-day, 4-wheel drive desert auto rally. When her daughter drops her for another team, she’s forced to partner with a disgraced media personality and they battle deadly conditions, sabotage, and a shady former racing partner.

Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft 2023 Action Adventure

Quarterfinalist, CineStory Feature Retreat and Fellowship 2023,

Finalist, Mad Wife Productions Fellowship 2023

Feature Winner, Wiki Screenplay Contest 2023

Quarterfinalist , ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2024

Finalist, Stage 32 Grown-up Movies Screenplay Contest 2024

Best Screenplay Feature, Switzerland Film Festival 2024

Winner Action Adventure Feature, LA International Script Competition 2024

Christine Williams



Hewad is an irrepressible kid hustling everything from pomegranate juice to protection from the evil eye in the streets of Tehran. His real ambition is to be a movie star, and this comes a step closer when he meets an Australian photographer.

Australia’s Official Selection, Academy Awards 2022

DeAnn SanVal



When life deals you a shit hand, grow a garden.

2nd Rounder, Austin Film Festival 2021 (out of 15,000 submissions, THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN is noted amongst the top 20% in the Comedy division)

Quarterfinalist, STAGE 32 Comedy Pilot Contest 2021

Quarterfinalist, Shore Script Comedy Pilot Contest 2021

Quarterfinalist, Screencraft 2022

Elaine Chang


Madam Wow

In this satire on high finance, a Korean American investment banker is wrongly framed with fraud and lands in a dominatrix’s dungeon frequented by Wall Street moguls, where she discovers her true powers: inflicting pain where pain is due.

Best Screenplay, LA Femme International Film Festival 2023

Semi-finalist , Stage 32 Female-Driven Screenwriting Competition 2024

Finalist, San Francisco Independent Film Festival Screenplay Competition, 2024

Quarterfinalist, Stage 32/Catalyst Studies Empowering Women Screenplay Competition 2024

Gregor Nicholas

New Zealand


Forced to choose between the career he craves and the father who abandoned him, a Kiwi film director wreaks havoc on his personal and professional life as he pursues a project with a Hollywood legend.

Top 3 Finalist, Raindance Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

Semi-finalist, Blue Cat Screenwriting Competition

Semi-finalist, Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards

Quarterfinalist, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards

Quarterfinalist, Titan International Screenwriting Awards (Industrial Scripts)

Quarterfinalist, We Screenplay Feature Screenwriting Contest

Quarterfinalist, Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Quarterfinalist, Miami Screenplay Awards

Top 20 Dramas on The Red List, Coverfly database of unproduced screenplays

Finalist, Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition

#5 Drama Feature, Coverfly’s international database

Quarterfinalist, 2022 Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship

Finalist, Outstanding Screenplays Competition

Jodie Anders



A protective psychologist haunted by his recently deceased sister’s ghost must confront his ancestral gift of spirit communication and team up with her to unravel the mystery surrounding her murder and the past that puts him in danger.

Quarterfinalist , Raindance Script Competition 2022

Quarterfinalist, Final Draft - Big Break 2022

Finalist, Script Summit 2022

Official Selection/Honorable Mention, Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2022

Finalist, ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition 2023

Semi-finalist, New York International Screenplay Awards 2023

Quarterfinalist, Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition 2023

Official Selection, Austin Revolution Film Festival 2023


Self-deprecating teen Luna believes she’s only worthy of caring for her paraplegic father, but when Luna is captured by a right-wing domestic terrorist organization kidnapping and genetically modifying teens for war, invisibility and a new cause give her the chance to be a superhero.

Finalist/Honorable Mention, Southern California Screenplay Competition 2022

Quarterfinalist, Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition Fall 2022

Semi-finalist, WeScreenplay - Diverse Voices Spring 2023

Semi-finalist, New York International Screenplay Awards 2023

Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay TV Lab 2023

Quarterfinalist, BlueCat Screenplay Competition 2023

Quarterfinalist, Creative Screenwriting Pilot Competition 2023

Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition 2023

Official Selection, Austin Revolution Film Festival 2023


A history preservationist teams up with a spirit medium and old west ghosts as they race against time to save their beloved gold mining town from becoming a haunted theme park at the hands of a new wealthy playboy owner.

Top 25, Save the Cat! Screenplay Challenge 2023

Semi-finalist, Table Read My Screenplay, Hollywood 2023

The Boys

When vigilante superhero hunters The Boys and the remaining superheroes of The Seven discover the government has developed a cure for the superpower-inducing effects of Compound V, they team up to steal it from a secret human testing lab. Each weighs whether using or destroying it would secure their future.

Official Selection, Las Vegas International Film & Screenwriting Festival 2022

Category Winner, ISA Fast Track Fellowship 2023

Quarterfinalist, Scriptapaloza TV 2023

Joshua Young



A diverse group of cruise ship employees from around the world must battle each other’s idiosyncrasies, guests who’ve abandoned common sense on land, and crazy celebrities, all the while trying to make this the vacation of a lifetime for everyone else.

Quarterfinalist, The Script Lab - TSL Screenplay Contest 2021

Semi-finalist, Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards Season 6

Finalist, Screencraft Virtual Pitch 2020

Quarterfinalist, Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2020

Semi-finalist, Filmmatic - Pitch Now Screenplay Competition 2020

Official Selection, Rocaberti Retreat Logline Competition 2019

Official Selection, Toronto Cold Read Series 2019


When three lazy best friends (two British and one American) discover they’ve won the lottery, they’re forced to embark on a perilous journey across the state to claim their winning ticket, all the while being hunted by the most cunning creatures on the planet: their mothers.

Quarterfinalist, Screencraft Feature Competition 2021

Linda Caryn Jenkins

United Kingdom


An actor with a reputation for being a womanizer masquerades as a woman to trick a wealthy man out of his fortune, but finds love getting in the way. 

Semi-finalist, The Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2013

Semi-finalist, The Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2015

Semi-finalist, The Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2016

Quarterfinalist, The Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2017

Finalist, Final Draft Big Break 2019

Semi-finalist, The Script Lab Free Screenplay Contest 2021

Special Mention, FilmMarketHub UK PitchBox 2022


A once brilliant surgeon suffers from agoraphobia, triggered by the death of his wife.

Quarterfinalist, Final Draft Big Break 2017

Mac McCord



In 1920’s Ireland, an ageless Faery and her human lover, now a nun, work secretly together ti save babies from abuse in a nunnery run by a sadistic Mother Superior. A dark fantasy of forbidden love, madness and religious persecution.

Quarter finalist, Season 7 Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards

Official Selection, The Pittsburgh Moving Picture Festival

Marc Stevens



The true story of a German-Jewish refugee suffering from parental abandonment issues and living in London, who commits identity theft to become an RAF bomber pilot. He is shot down and captured by the Nazis, and must escape before they realize his true identity.

Semi-finalist, London International Screenwriting Competition 2024

Selected, Berlin International Screenwriting Festival 2024

Winner - First-Time Feature Writer, Golden Pen Script Awards 2024

Selected, Montreal Independent Film Festival 2024

Short-listed, Euroscript 2024