Previous Retreats - Rocaberti Castle Writers' Retreat
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Pitching session al fresco.
Pitching session al fresco.
Golan Ramraz and Morgan Long.
Producer Golan Ramraz and Hollywood agent Morgan Long, mentors at the October 2016 Retreat.
Rocaberti Windowseat.
The windowseat in the salon, overlooking the courtyard.
Rocaberti Girls, October 2016.
Some of the 'Rocaberti Girls', October 2016. Penny Berlin (centre) called the retreat, "One of the most thought-provoking, meaningful experiences of my life. If I never write another word, I will still consider it the stepping stone to my new road of discovery of life."
Hicham Derdari and Jason Chan.
Hicham Derdari and the retreat's spiritual practitioner, Jason Chan. Hicham called the castle, "A beautiful place that took me back in time. I hope to come back soon with another script ... an awesome place to be."
Samuel Daram, October 2016.
Mentor Morgan Long and attendees Jamie Anderson and Rebecca Colby, with Samuel Daram, winner of the 2nd Rocaberti Scholarship. Samuel, "The Rocaberti Writers' Retreat changed my life. Even a few months after the event, we help and cheerlead each other. The culture of positivity, love and altruism means that we have transferred the Rocaberti Spirit into other aspects of our daily lives. The precious lesson I learned is this: the Rocaberti Retreat is not just for five days. It's for a lifetime..."
Martin Olson and mentee, Melanie Cantor.
Emmy-nominated and New York Times best-selling writer, Martin Olson, and his mentee, Melanie Cantor.
Golan Ramraz and mentees.
Hollywood producer Golan Ramraz, with his mentees, Trelawney Kerrigan, Hicham Derdari, Anne Seidel and Betty Sullivan.
Dusk at Rocaberti.
Dusk at Rocaberti.
Group photo, Rocaberti 2016.
Rocaberti, October 2016.