The Rocaberti Salon Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions between you, the member, and Claire Elizabeth Terry of Calle Nou de la Rambla 176, 5º, 1ª, 08004, Barcelona, Spain, the promoter and organizer of The Rocaberti Salon (“us”, “we”, ”our”, “Rocaberti”).

As a Rocaberti Salon Full Member, you are entitled to attend two virtual Salon meetings per year on their announced dates. Each Salon meeting consists of a gathering of only 8 writers and one Rocaberti mentor/host. Spots are limited and will be allocated by Rocaberti through careful selection aimed at finding the best match between the mentor, the writers and their projects.

As a Salon meeting attendee, you are required to submit a 35-word (maximum) log-line and a 1,000-word (maximum) synopsis of your writing project at least 15 days before the Salon, which will be sent to the mentor/host and other attendees in your group.

During the 4-hour Salon meeting:

You will receive the Salon meeting attendees’ - including the mentor/host’s - feedback, live online, during the 30-minute brainstorming on your project.

You will be able to give your feedback and participate in the brainstormings on each of the other writers’ projects.

After each Salon meeting, your Salon meeting mentor/host will post the title, genre and logline  of your project, along with an update of where it currently stands on the Rocaberti Salon Noticeboard, to which you and all Salon members can also contribute on an ongoing basis.

In addition, as a Salon member you will be able to:

  • Send in your questions to a monthly ‘Ask Me A Question’ session with a Rocaberti mentor. These sessions are video recorded and made available to members through the Rocaberti Salon  members’ area.
  • Have early access, on a monthly basis, on up to three 20-minute video presentations by Rocaberti mentors on topics related to scriptwriting and the film and TV industry. You will be able to access these recordings through the Salon members’ area. In addition, you will have unlimited access to the full library of mentors’ presentations and Ask Me A Question sessions.
  • Be included in, and have access to, the Rocaberti Salon Members’ Directory, which includes the name and photo of each member, a short bio and a brief synopsis of their current projects.
  • Have access to the forthcoming Rocaberti Salon Noticeboard.
  • Have access to other services for Salon members, currently at different stages of development and which will be introduced in the upcoming months.

If you have registered as a Rocaberti Salon Lifetime Member, in addition to all the benefits available to Full Members, you are entitled to exclusive benefits, which include:

  • Lifetime Rocaberti Salon Membership  (a one-time membership fee only!).
  • 5% discount off all physical retreats at the castles for life.
  • 5% discount off all Rocaberti Virtual retreats for life.
  • Complimentary Level 1 attendance at two Rocaberti Virtual retreats per year, for the first 2 years of your membership.

Registration and cancellation policy

Full payment of the fees is due immediately upon registering for Salon membership.

Please note that Rocaberti Salon membership is non-transferable.

Once your fees are paid, they are not refundable under any circumstances, including in the event that you are unable, for any reason, to attend the Salon meetings for which you have been selected, or if your Salon meetings have to be cancelled for causes for which Rocaberti is not responsible.

Cancelling of your attendance at a Salon meeting requires 21 days’ notice before the date of the Salon meeting.  Rocaberti will then transfer you to the next best available Salon meeting, at our discretion. Spots which are not cancelled with at least 21 days’ notice, will not be transferable, under any circumstances, nor will there be any refunds of monies paid.

You will be matched with the best mentor possible after being interviewed by Rocaberti and this decision will be final.

The mentor, for unforeseen reasons, may also change prior to the Salon meeting and we shall not be liable for these changes, but will endeavour to match or provide a better replacement.

Failure to send in your log-line and synopsis by the deadline, will result in the loss of your spot at the Salon meeting and your place will not be transferable to a future Salon.

We strongly encourage you to use a headset with a microphone or a stand-alone microphone in order to ensure maximum audio quality and so that everyone can hear you adequately.

Please be sure to check your internet connection and, if you are on a slow network, to avoid data-intensive applications being run in your household such as streaming, gaming, downloading, etc.

If for technical reasons Rocaberti is unable to hold the Salon meeting, then you will be informed as soon as possible and rescheduled for a future date, at no liability for Rocaberti and no refunds will be issued.

Salon meeting dates will be decided by Rocaberti in accordance with everyone’s availability and dependent on matching each writer with the best mentor/host and other participants.

If a member who has paid for an annual membership decides to cancel their commitment to the Rocaberti Salon before the expiration of their membership period, they will continue to enjoy the benefits of membership until the end of the said period, at which point their membership will definitively expire.

If a member who is paying for an annual membership on a monthly basis decides to cancel their membership at any point in time, they will automatically stop enjoying the benefits of membership, regardless of whether or not there remain any outstanding Salon Meetings to be attended.

Limitation of liability

If you are unable to attend a Salon meeting for any reason and have not provided at least  21-days notice before the date of the meeting, we regret that we cannot reschedule you nor offer a refund.

Prior to the Salon meeting you are responsible for ensuring you can connect adequately.

We shall not be liable under any circumstances to any participant for indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive, or special damages, including but not limited to lost profits, even if we have been apprised of the likelihood of such damages occurring.

We shall not be responsible for the cancellation of a Salon meeting for causes not attributable to Rocaberti, nor for any participant’s inability or decision not to attend a Salon meeting.

We reserve the right to refuse membership and/or participation at a Salon meeting to any person, at any time, in our sole and absolute discretion, without any liability to ourselves, for any reason, including but not limited to, inappropriate behaviour towards other participants during the Salon such as lewd behaviour or sexual harassment.

In addition, we make no guarantees of manuscript or screenplay publication or sales nor of finding representation. Salon membership and Salon meetings serve as an educational opportunity only.

Each participant agrees to their voice and likeness being recorded and used by the promoter and organiser of the Salon meetings (and/or their nominated agents and/or representatives) for marketing and archive purposes and for Salon Library users (Salon members).

We will do nothing to interfere with the copyright that any of the participants have in the work that they own and that they bring to and discuss at the Salon meetings, nor are we responsible for any possible copyright infringement by any other parties. Each participant agrees that he/she will not interfere with the copyright of any other Salon member, Salon meeting participant, Salon meeting mentor or Salon member of staff.

This agreement is subject to Spanish law and jurisdiction, but the parties will attempt to resolve any disagreements amicably and in the spirit of the Rocaberti Writers' Retreat.