Jane Sibbett

Jane Sibbett

Jane Sibbett is an American actress, writer, director, photographer, producer, advocate, and prayer dancer. Among her 200+ TV episodes and many film roles, she is best known as Ross’ lesbian ex-wife, Carol, on NBC’s sitcom FRIENDS. Jane’s Dancing Hands is a relatively new part of her life where no acting is allowed – just an allowing of the miraculous.

In May 2015, while producing a live event for another gifted conduit of Source energy, Jane suddenly found her hands “dancing.” Soon after, her whole body began to move in ways that instantaneously brought many to peace, alignment, joy, purest love, and deep healing. Bones reset, tumors dissolved, fevers, addiction, or many ailments and trauma disappeared, replacing disharmony with ease, peace, and a more positive flow – all within the first few months of its activation.

Soon Jane’s entire body was “danced by Source,” Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy expanded, and more received help. Within a year, a new voice emerged, and she also began “being sung and spoken.” Jane hears this is not speaking in tongues or light language, but “the Language of Love behind the G*d that created the universe.” New circles evolve in constant expansion of the gift as Source dances with each soul and speaks this Language of Love; we unify with the Pura Vida (pure life) of heaven on earth.

From eradicating mild conditions or intense, long-standing chronic pain, life-threatening ailments, addictions, or situations, those who experience the gift flowing through Jane often find relief and healing in mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Others working with Jane continue opening latent abilities in self-healing. Even traditional doctors and alternative healers alike seek her gift’s support.

Jane doesn’t call herself a healer, but a conduit or a prayer dancer where harmonizing and healing happen in divine time. It may occur immediately during a dance or in the afterglow. Jane dances live, remotely, and even through the quantum field when people view her videos or hear her calls weeks or months later. How Source dances with each person is unique to every circle rotation yet brings peace and support to all.